Wednesday, April 2, 2008

A tragic Lost

Today, April 1st, at around 9 am i received a phone call from my best friend's mom. She told me that his son Jeff, had just passed away. At first I thought she was fooling around with me, (obviously is was April Fool's day). So I was like,:" ya, ya. Aunty, are u serious?? and she answered yes. I still could not believe until I heard the back ground voice behind her, i guess, (people crying).

I fell to tears... I never expected him to go so soon. I called one of my friend and he was on the way to jeff's house at that time. So he told me what heapend. I was so... If you know how it feels to loose someone so close to you, you'll know what I mean.

Jeff and I studied in different collage. We met when we were playing basketball. He was like a brother to me. At one point, he asked for my help. His house mate's was at their final semester. So he was looking for a new place to rent. So I invited him to rent a place with me. We spend most of our times together like brothers. (Except his Girlfriend. HEHEHEHE) I can't write much...

Jeff, Hope you'll rest in peace. You will always be remembered... Adios Armigo..


Julio said...

sorry to hear that bro.. just know that there are a thousand ways to say goodbye, it doesnt have to be at that very moment... just embrace that moment and say ur thoughts.. i bet there will be someone smiling at the end of the day from above

SeTH said...

thanks for the encouragement bro