Tuesday, March 25, 2008

This is funny

I really think this is funny.....

Funny And Weird

In this world there are all kinds of people and all likes to do different things. One of my big time hobby is photography. BUT.... ,

Some made photography so funny, nice, beautiful, and that's why they are called professionals...

Most photographer sometimes gets bored taking pictures like the ones above, so the decided to do something like this....

Monday, March 24, 2008

The Meaning Of My Name: SeTh


Seth (Hebrew: שֵׁת, Standard Šet, Tiberian Šēṯ; Arabic: شيث Shith or Shiyth; "Placed; appointed"), in the Book of Genesis of the Hebrew Bible, is the third listed son of Adam and Eve and brother of Cain and Abel and is the only other son mentioned by name. According to Genesis 4:25, Seth was born after the slaying of Abel by Cain, and Eve believed God had appointed him as "replacement" for Abel "because Cain killed him". He is commemorated as one of the Holy Forefathers in the Calendar of Saints of the Armenian Apostolic Church on July 30.

Seth in the Hebrew Bible

In Genesis, Seth was the third son of Adam and Eve, and is their only child mentioned by name besides Cain and Abel. After stating that Seth was to Adam "a son in his likeness and image", born when Adam was 130 years old (Genesis 5:3), Genesis 5:4 states that Adam fathered "sons and daughters" before his death aged 930 years.

Seth had a son, Enosh, or Enos at age 105 (Genesis 5:6) and further children; he lived 912 years (Genesis 5:8).

Rashi (Rabbi Shlomo Yitzhaqi) refers to Seth as the ancestor of Noah and hence the father of all mankind. According to Zohar 1:36b, Seth is "ancestor of all the Generations of the Tzaddikim" (righteous ones). Parshat Balak refers to "all of Seth's descendants" (Numbers 24:17).

Seth in Gnosticism

In Gnosticism, Seth is seen as a replacement given by God for Cain and Abel. It is said that late in life, Adam gave Seth secret teachings that would become the Kabbalah.

One particular school of Gnosticism arose which focused on Seth called the Sethians.

Josephus about Seth

Josephus refers to Seth as the most notable of the sons of Adam in the Antiquities of the Jews, and reports that his descendants built the Pillars of the sons of Seth.

Seth in the Garden of Eden

According to the noncanonical Testament of Adam and medieval legend, Adam, knowing his death is near, calls his son Seth to his side. He tells Seth to go back to the Garden of Eden, to enter and get three seeds from the fruit of the Tree of Life. Adam then instructs Seth to return to him and place the three seeds in his mouth before burying his body. Seth does as his father requests and makes the trip to the Garden of Eden. At the gate stands the Archangel Michael, who asks Seth his business. Seth tells him, and Michael lets him pass, directing him to the tree of life. Seth collects three seeds from the fruit of the tree, and then returns, back through the gates, down to his father, who by this time has died. He digs Adam's grave, and buries him, placing the three seeds in his mouth before covering him with dirt. Eventually three trees spring up from Adam's grave, and it is these three trees that are later chopped down to provide the wood for the three crosses on Golgotha.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Malaysian Early 80’s Baby part 2

Malaysian Early 80’s Baby part 2
I guess many of you have read the “Malaysian 80’s Baby”. Well I, seth a.k.a boy, thought that the article is not enough so I decided to add more and call it Malaysia Early 80’s Baby Part II.
Remember the time when we went to school everyone was wearing their Bata or Power school shoes? What must we have at that time? The reflector. I can’t recall why it was so important that when we go out with our mom we must have a reflector in at our shoe. If we could not afford that brand, we go for the high cut shoe “Warrior”. And for guy who played soccer, our 1st real football boots was always Gold Cup. Our slipper was either the heavy ‘selepar jepun’ or the light ‘selepar jepun’.
Boys, they usually have their hair comb by their mom because mom usually doesn’t want them to waste hair cream. If we do it our self we usually put over doze of hair cream/gel and when we sweat white sweat will roll down your cheek or neck. Girls usually have pony tails, or they made their hair the “mee magie style”.
Our parents usually dress us up at that time and we don’t really have any choice of fashion. It was either ladybird or Kiko. And most of the time when we want to use the phone to call our classmates about our home work, we always need permission or else kena rotan…..
Our entertainment source was only TV1, TV2 and TV3 for some places only. And just with that 3 channels we always have stories to talk about.
Most of my friends back then were already short sighted because of Micro Genius TV Game. Remember their glasses? It was, Big, Thick, Round and none can afford a contact lens. I bet it does not exist at that time I guess…
I guess back then our attitude was much different then kids now days, we were more outgoing, more adventures, more ‘lasak’ and pain were not really in our dictionary at that time. We used to play by the drain, climb trees, and shoot each other with rubber band. Cycling with our BMX or Grand Father’s bicycle around and go hang out at friend’s house. (lepak kat rumah kawan was the word). And their mom would prepare horliks or milo for us to drink after we finished playing. The girls would always sit near the drain or at a swing and share their stories with each other. Most important was the curfew. I f we don’t get home latest by 7pm we would be rotan or locked out side the gate for at least ½ hour.
Now days kids and teenagers can go out any time they want and come back any time they want to. Their hair style is worse that a Hong Kong Film star, some got spike hair, Beckham wanna be, Bleach hair, dyed hair and more… some girls go botak (bald) which I don’t know the reason why they do it. They got friends and they call it a gang or a society (for us is unhealthy). Most I see now is girls show more of their flesh, not enough cloth to cover everything up.
Some kids below 12 years old I see now can use public transport alone, eat at KFC alone, knows and use cool gadgets like 3Ghandphone, sms, mms, vms, YM, MSN. No more budaya lepak at friends house, all they know is PS3, PSP, X BOX.
To summarize all of this, we, early 80’s born babies was bound by a very strict rules and regulations, and we thanked our parents for that because of that they made us more matured at an early age.

Funny lunch In KL

Today, the funniest thing heapend to my cuz n I. We had a meeting with one company at 12 noon. wanted to start a deal on web site that they wanted to create.

Anyway, when we finished the meeting we went to eat lunch, so Ben said: "let go eat at my bos sister's shop" n i answered ok. When we went in da shop, we looked at the menu, and the cheapest meal was RM7.00. I was like.... shit, i dun have enough money. i only got Rm10. and Ben only got RM4. We were in deep trouble. Odered warm water wich cost RM0.50 each.

Anyway, the food was good. I mean it's worth it. I ate butter chicken rise. it was fantastic. But we were not eating in peace. Worried that we did not have enough money to pay for the food. Thanks to the owner of the shop we had free drinks and one ringgit off the food. Thanks a lot. On the way back, as usual i'll take my camera out and take some picture. It's all posted. Just scroll down.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

A big event to remember....

Situation: Trip To Siar Beach Resort, Lundu Sarawak
Date & Time: Some time few month's ago in Year 2007.
Duration: 2 Days + 1 Night

This was the biggest project of my life (at that time), I had to planed lots of stuff, like budget out the money, accommodation, food, bus, the activities for at least 50 over people. It was stressful at first but thanks to my best friends, Leshly, Arsoberi, Patricia, n Givan.

When we left the collage, i was so excited that every thing will turn out very well, but it went the other way. We forgot to bring simple stuff like salt, onions, kicap, and sugar. I was so ..... (^*&^%*&)

Anyway, when we reach, good thing most of the participants cooperate with me to make my job easy. Assign them to their rooms and stuff. Then we started on our activities, simple fun games like treasure hunt , mini explorace and creative making of stuff......

We had fun most of the time till like before the BBQ time, when something we did not expect happen. One of our participants was rob. Her phone & camera got stolen. Anyway, we tried hard to let go of that incident by continuing our BBQ session and later followed by dance party with all students and staff.

Overall, we had lots of fun event of the bad incident, anyway, for all who helped me out, Arigato Kojaimas.... thanks... Hope in the future we can do stuff like this again but with more fun.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

About The Author

Hi, Im the Author's cousin. I'm taking the opportunity to write about Seth while he is away cooking. heheheheh.

The Author, Seth a.k.a boy, comes from a small in Borneo Island called Sri Aman, (formally known as Simanggang).
Country: Malaysia
State: Sarawak
Town: Sri Aman (198km from Kuching Town)

Seth is very much Interested Big Bikes, Tattoo's and love to hang out with his friends. He is very caring to his friends. oh ya, He is not a good writer, so don't be surprise to see his article not that good.

Anyway, His life is a very complicated one, not everyone can understand him well. But once you get to know him, you might consider putting him in your best of all friends lists. He is funny, wired, and most of all caring that's all i can say. But he is more than that. Get to know him and you'll know what i mean.

Hope you people who read this get to know this big guy more..........

Bad experience

Last week I went back to Kuching to see some of my clients, i met at least 25 of them. I was so excited. And i invited them to the talk that the company was giving on the next day. Every one was so excited about it and could hardly wait for the time to come.

7 pm came. one by one of my clients called and say the almost the same thing. :" hi bro, i don't think i cam make it lah. i got to go back home. got some stuff to do." i was so........ can't really xplain the feeling i had that evening.

anyway, i hope after this things will be much better.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Are u a Malaysian early 80's baby?

Signs to show that you are an 80-sbaby:we grew up watching Transformers,Thundercats, Woody Woodpecker,Chipmunks, Mickey Mouse, Jem, Mask,Ninja Turtles, Voltron, Baja Hitam,Ultraman n not forgettin POWER RANGERSn BUGS BUNNY!!!had to brush our teeths during recessat primary school? had to hold plasticcups, line up with your classmates sideby side and start brushing our teethsat some open area... or maybe near somedrain??do you still remember that we had'dentist' rooms where we had to haveourteeths check?not to forget our 'program minum susu'in primary school.. everybody issupposeto buy like cartons of milk thatcosted 30 cents each.. and you wouldseeeveryone drinking it everyday...its dUHT milk...the teachers who would want to punishus must use yellow rulers to hit us onour palms?? 1 metre length..that a bowl of mihun soup or some souponly costed 50 cents at the schoolcanteen...went to some sundry shop near theschool or to the 'roti' man waitingoutside our schools so that we can buyjunk food like chickedees, mamee, dingdang with some toys in it, 'Ti Kam',ice-cream and we would play games likemonopoly, uno, old maid, and all othercard games like that...another fun time would be duringPendidikan Jasmani. the boys wouldplay football while the girls wouldplay netball... and it would be like wewere playing in the world cup...but of course. the best would be mainguli, batu seremban, bottlecaps, ice-cream sticks, 'Pepsi Cola one-two-three', Cops and Robbers, main aciduduk,getah... and for the not soactive, those kind of 'book games'wherewe would use buku latihan to draw andask our friends to play... and also dot(titik) where its like conquering theother party's dots? we use brains toorite :Ddo you remember the popsicles (ice-cream tubes) which are actually ice andcolouring that are sold for 10 to 20cents.. the colourful ones.. where youusually bite off the top to glup itdown.orange tastes b best..what about days when we felt like doingnaughty things such as folding papersso small to make 'lastik' amd shooteach other... how about throwingchalks??back then, micheal jackson was justturning white.. and still had albumscoming out.. compared to CD's, we werelistening to casette tapes that soldfor RM9.90...in computer class, we were still usingblack and white computer moniters..played 'Atari'... maybe SEGA orNINTENDO...well, are we all getting older or what?1) if you understand what you have readand you are smiling...2) we have friends from school that arealready married...3) we shake our heads everytime wesee high school students fussing abouttheir handphones in school..4) we don't hang on phone with ourfriends for hours a day talking aboutnothing...5) when we meet back with our friendsfrom time to time, we feel excited andhappy talking about old times, thefunny 'adventures' or stories that weexperienced as a kid..6) last but not least, that when youread this, you would think of all thehappy & sad memories that you haveexperienced when you were still a kidand would think of forwarding this toyour old friends that you have knownsince forever... i'm sure they wouldhave a huge smile on their face afterreading this.....we're all getting old ;P

Monday, March 3, 2008

What do you think of this?

What do u think of this hair style?

i think i want to do it again... but...... what would the public say?