Monday, April 14, 2008

In This Sea Of Lonely

I am still drowning in this sea of lonely
Yet you act like you don’t even know me
And all of these years we had been together
None of the happiness we appear to endeavor

Still left empty inside’ all you have taken away
Cold and still denied’ so i end up going astray
So what am I to do? Because it is myself that I blame
I can’t seem to run or hide away from all of the shame

The feelings I feel of you are utterly out of control
Just unmanageable’ remembrance’ I can’t console
I am stuck here and your heart it still all remains
Reminiscence of you while going down memory lane

All that we had ever done together’ just holding hands
Love for each other deep inside our hearts’ creating plans
But now you are not the same person you were years ago
You have evolved into somebody that i no longer know

You’re just not the same’ you have changed way too much
It has become such a shame we have lost our since of touch
I am still longing for your presence to just appear once again
Even if we could become friends is fine but I just want to mend

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