Thursday, April 24, 2008

My Dreams... Will come true

There are many things that we have dream of in life that we want it to happen..... And we really hope it will come true before we "go". Well, some of it have came true to me... Some times I think to much and it makes me confuse of what to do, or should I really do it? or can I really do it? and at the end of the day, it does not accomplished from my dream to the real world.

The things that I love to do is cooking, sports, photography and lots of other stuff.... And I often dream that I can do all of this in a great way. Maybe do it for charity or .. i dun know...


I'd love to have my own pool, a gym, and a half basketball court at my house. This will make me have more time to dot simple sports like swimming, or work out in the gym. I also dream that one day I will represent a district or maybe this country in Indoor Football (footsal) one day. I really love that game.


Wow! traveling... I really dun want to start on this topic but I have to write it down. I've always wanted and dream of going to these places:
- Rome
- New Zealand
- Usa
- England
- Canada
- France
- Australia
- China

Of all these places, I've been to USA ( 1994 & 2007 ), New Zealand (1993 ) and Canada (2007 ). I definitely will reserve France and Rome for my honeymoon destination with my wife. Next year or end of this year I'm planing to go to either England ( to see Liverpool FC in action ), or maybe Australia & New Zealand. My other target is to ride on my super bike or big bike from Singapore to Thailand. And I really need to get one this year.


Cooking is one thing that I love the most... And i dun mind after I get married I'll be the cook at home. Hopefully in 1 or 2 years time I can open a restaurant or a cafe. It's all in my planing, and the type of food will be, Borneo Kampung cooking, Western cooking, Chinese cooking, Malay cooking, Thai cooking but no Japanese coz I'm not good in it and I dun like Japanese food.


This is my BIG TOY. Currently I'm doing free lence photography and so far I've done wedding photography, dinners, and panoramic picture. Soon I know I will get a new camera which will cost me around 10-13K.

This are all that I really want to do and I dun care if I do it alone or with someone else. Hopefully it will be great if I can do this stuff with my girl friend or my wife ( which I dun have now. Hopefully God will provide me one soon, hahaha ).

Anyway, I think I have to stop here and continue another time. I have other things to complete and do and sleep is one of them. Any comments? Just drop it at the comment section or if any one wants to joing me in this so called advanture, just let me know. Oh ya, I'll be going back to Kuching, Sarawak on July 11-13 for the World Rainforest Music Festival. Any one wants to follow just let me know before 15th May 2008.


Anonymous said...

Wow!! big dream..hope that all your dreams will come true..oh ya...and also hope that you are not alone in achieving all your dreams. May God send 'someone special' for you to share all your dreams from beginning till the end. This is my prayer for you..God Bless you!!ME:)

Marvis said...

Waseh... u have a lot of DREAMS... Neway, ol da best in achieving ol ur DREAMS as long u have hope in God. Nuthin' is impossible. Gudluck babe!

munn said...

goodluck in your dreams.. (^_^)

Anonymous said...

wow..such a huge dream u have in there huh.well, hope u can make it dude, wish u all d best and oso, hope that God may send 'someone' to accompany u..she will come very soon,dont worry,be patient!!hehe..GUD LUCK anyway..