Monday, January 12, 2009

New and Old

A year has passed, many have become good and bad memory, life was…… (Don’t know how describe. To complicated).

A Short review trough year 2008.

I tried starting a new life in KL (working) but luck (if there is) was not on my side. Worked with Event Plus in Damasara for at least few weeks. Then I had to go back to Sarawak for few days to attend to some things in Sarawak. Quit my job, then moved to Port Klang, there I stayed with my relatives form my mom’s side.

Started working with my cuz doing graphic design and photography. It was fun if it’s looked in “looking for experience perspective”. Was with Ben till about end of October, then I moved back to Sarawak.

This is also a year to remember. I finally got my tattoo done. Hahaha. A tribal tattoo at my left arm and a pair of “Bungai Terung” (An Iban traditional Tattoo).

It was very fortunate year too as I was selected as top 30 out of few hundreds to a reality shows called “double exposure” organize by Sony. There automatically I met a bunch of 29 other photographers and a few Pro Photographers. During the show, our friendship grew even more to each other. It was a fun and a happy experience. Wish we all could meet up often.

As I said I moved back to Sarawak, I started doing my own photography. Business is slow and yet busy. Fortunately I was blessed with a new DSLR. Canon 450D. With that now I feed my self.

As this is the beginning of a new year, hope and pray that it will be a fruitful one.

To all my new fwens I met and knew in 2008, I miss u guys a lot. All the best to you all, and hope to meet those who is in KL and Penang.