Wednesday, April 30, 2008

What I Love The Most is Photography

Some of the photo's I took over the years....

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Manchester United Vs Barcelona FC

As we all know, last Wednesday morning when Barcelona met Man U at their 1st leg semi final's it ended up goalless draw... During the match, we all could see their desperateness of wanting to score goals but ...... the ball did not want to roll in back of net.

A missed penalty from Cristiano Ronaldo ensured FC Barcelona and Manchester United FC remain deadlocked at 0-0 after an enthralling first leg of their UEFA Champions League semi-final.

The tie sprang to life from kick-off, providing drama as early as the second minute when Ronaldo headed on Scholes' corner only for Milito's raised arm to intervene. The Portuguese international took the spot-kick himself, but fired wide to the relief of the majority in the 98,000 sell-out crowd. Well off the pace in the Primera División, Barça's season rests on this tie and they quickly found their feet, a lightning run from Lionel Messi putting the away team on the back foot. It was breathless stuff as the home side probed a makeshift United back line, shorn of the unwell Nemanja Vidić.

Not forgetting, the selfish C. Ronaldo was always the target.... Good for him tho.... FC Barcelona's Rafael Márquez might be suspended for the UEFA Champions League semi-final second leg but would at least be available for the final while several others will walk a disciplinary tightrope as the last-four ties conclude. A booking in his side's 0-0 draw against Manchester United FC at the Camp Nou means that Mexican defender Márquez misses the second leg at Old Trafford, but while he will be forced to watch nervously as his side battle for a place in the final at the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow on 21 May, at least he is secure in the knowledge that he would be free to play should Barcelona prevail.

Frank Rijkaard said the goalless home draw against Manchester United FC was "not a good result" but refused to be drawn on who is now favourite to reach the final in Moscow, saying his FC Barcelona team still "have a great chance" of reaching a second UEFA Champions League showpiece in three years. His counterpart, Sir Alex Ferguson, was satisfied with the outcome but was disappointed with the way his side built attacks and their lack of possession.

But as a football fan, no mater how close you are with your friends, lover or partner, you would always support the team you love most like this couple....

Thursday, April 24, 2008

My Dreams... Will come true

There are many things that we have dream of in life that we want it to happen..... And we really hope it will come true before we "go". Well, some of it have came true to me... Some times I think to much and it makes me confuse of what to do, or should I really do it? or can I really do it? and at the end of the day, it does not accomplished from my dream to the real world.

The things that I love to do is cooking, sports, photography and lots of other stuff.... And I often dream that I can do all of this in a great way. Maybe do it for charity or .. i dun know...


I'd love to have my own pool, a gym, and a half basketball court at my house. This will make me have more time to dot simple sports like swimming, or work out in the gym. I also dream that one day I will represent a district or maybe this country in Indoor Football (footsal) one day. I really love that game.


Wow! traveling... I really dun want to start on this topic but I have to write it down. I've always wanted and dream of going to these places:
- Rome
- New Zealand
- Usa
- England
- Canada
- France
- Australia
- China

Of all these places, I've been to USA ( 1994 & 2007 ), New Zealand (1993 ) and Canada (2007 ). I definitely will reserve France and Rome for my honeymoon destination with my wife. Next year or end of this year I'm planing to go to either England ( to see Liverpool FC in action ), or maybe Australia & New Zealand. My other target is to ride on my super bike or big bike from Singapore to Thailand. And I really need to get one this year.


Cooking is one thing that I love the most... And i dun mind after I get married I'll be the cook at home. Hopefully in 1 or 2 years time I can open a restaurant or a cafe. It's all in my planing, and the type of food will be, Borneo Kampung cooking, Western cooking, Chinese cooking, Malay cooking, Thai cooking but no Japanese coz I'm not good in it and I dun like Japanese food.


This is my BIG TOY. Currently I'm doing free lence photography and so far I've done wedding photography, dinners, and panoramic picture. Soon I know I will get a new camera which will cost me around 10-13K.

This are all that I really want to do and I dun care if I do it alone or with someone else. Hopefully it will be great if I can do this stuff with my girl friend or my wife ( which I dun have now. Hopefully God will provide me one soon, hahaha ).

Anyway, I think I have to stop here and continue another time. I have other things to complete and do and sleep is one of them. Any comments? Just drop it at the comment section or if any one wants to joing me in this so called advanture, just let me know. Oh ya, I'll be going back to Kuching, Sarawak on July 11-13 for the World Rainforest Music Festival. Any one wants to follow just let me know before 15th May 2008.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Difrent Looks of Me

Trough out the pass few years I still can remember how many times I've been to a Saloon or a barber. Usually I will ask my friends to cut my hair... but when there is no one to help? i will do it my self.....

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A collage Life to remember (SEGi Sarawak)

After a few months had pass, I begin to miss my collage life, friends and stuff we used to do...

when we were there we did many things together. But now, all has gone their own way. Some went off shore to work, some opened their own company, some got married, some even went back home and will never return back to earth. ( you know what i mean ).I would not want to write a but i put up some picture. Maybe some of you are there...

still remember the time in the evening before going out to play sports we would have tea time together... now, tea time alone infront of the computer... doing work...

during the week end we would go out, do stuff like bowling, hang out at water front and much more stuff together... now, weekend will always take the time to sleep as long as i can.....

At some nights, we will have happy time together in the hostel, but now? at night i would always look for a bed to sleep... Really miss that time....

Despite of all the crazy stuff we do, we would always dress smart to class....

Monday, April 14, 2008

another endless night

another endless night
my heart skipped a beat
i tried to count it every time
but i fell victim to the cold hard street
gasping from a love so divine

she tormented me with her smile
and prasied me with her stlye
hidden in blood, my heart was slain
left to rott alone in pain

she is the demon in my mind,
and my angel with love so pure and fine
the only one who see's me standing here
standing alone clentching on to this fear

loaded words,pierce my flesh
stealing my very next breath
the pain is almost to much to bare
but i can't help but smirk and stare

wacthing as the blood drips
and the feeling of death's grip
grasp hold of me so tight
just to make sure i sleep, just right

In This Sea Of Lonely

I am still drowning in this sea of lonely
Yet you act like you don’t even know me
And all of these years we had been together
None of the happiness we appear to endeavor

Still left empty inside’ all you have taken away
Cold and still denied’ so i end up going astray
So what am I to do? Because it is myself that I blame
I can’t seem to run or hide away from all of the shame

The feelings I feel of you are utterly out of control
Just unmanageable’ remembrance’ I can’t console
I am stuck here and your heart it still all remains
Reminiscence of you while going down memory lane

All that we had ever done together’ just holding hands
Love for each other deep inside our hearts’ creating plans
But now you are not the same person you were years ago
You have evolved into somebody that i no longer know

You’re just not the same’ you have changed way too much
It has become such a shame we have lost our since of touch
I am still longing for your presence to just appear once again
Even if we could become friends is fine but I just want to mend

I'll never let go

I'll never let go

I stare right pass you in a daze,
With all the bloody tears running down my heart,
You see it raining in my blood shot eyes,
I can't stand to hear the empty silence,
In my head,
It doesn't help the numb broken pieces,
In my heart
Walking down every dark highway,
Flashing lights, Blind my eyes,
Plays a disturbing film, In the dark,
I'll put your gun against my head,
One last look at you leaves a scare on your heart,

And it's you,
That put the gun in my hand,
And it's the gun,
You heard drop to the floor,
And it's my,
Broken promise the gun lays next to,
And it was you,
That held my hand, and I'll never let go,

Black is the church where all the broken hearts cry in,
When the coffin slides down the isle,
Right under the death words the rabi whispers,
Next time you hear me,
I'll be screaming in the night,
With my hands drenched in your blood,

And it's you,
That put the gun in my hand,
And it's the gun,
You heard drop to the floor,
And it's my,
Broken promise the gun lays next to,
And it was you,
That held my hand, and I'll never let go,

Sorry for the blood that stained your floor,
I tried to see you through my blood shot eyes,
But couldn't stay awake for that one last minute,
To say goodbye to you,
Don't for get to lay the black rose across my coffin,

And it's you,
That put the gun in my hand,
And it's the gun,
You heard drop to the floor,
And it's my,
Broken promise the gun lays next to,
And it was you,
That held my hand, and I'll never let go,

Thursday, April 10, 2008

A poem for someone I Admire the most

To the gurl who has made me realize who I really am,

If I Were Her Lover....


If I were her lover,
I'd wade through the clover
Over the fields before
The gate that leads to her door;
Over the meadows,
To wait, 'mid the shadows,
The shadows that circle her door,
For the heart of my heart and more.
And there in the clover
Close by her,
Over and over
I'd sigh her:
"Your eyes are as brown
As the Night's, looking down
On waters that sleep
With the moon in their deep" . . .
If I were her lover to sigh her.


If I were her lover,
I'd wade through the clover
Over the fields before
The lane that leads to her door;
I'd wait, 'mid the thickets,
Or there by the pickets,
White pickets that fence in her door,
For the life of my life and more.
I'd lean in the clover—
The crisper
For the dews that are over—
And whisper:
"Your lips are as rare
As the dewberries there,
As ripe and as red,
On the honey-dew fed" . . .
If I were her lover to whisper.


If I were her lover,
I'd wade through the clover
Over the field before
The pathway that leads to her door;
And watch, in the twinkle
Of stars that sprinkle
The paradise over her door,
For the soul of my soul and more.
And there in the clover
I'd reach her;
And over and over
I'd teach her—
A love without sighs,
Of laughterful eyes,
That reckoned each second
The pause of a kiss,
A kiss and . . . that is
If I were her lover to teach her.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

A tragic Lost

Today, April 1st, at around 9 am i received a phone call from my best friend's mom. She told me that his son Jeff, had just passed away. At first I thought she was fooling around with me, (obviously is was April Fool's day). So I was like,:" ya, ya. Aunty, are u serious?? and she answered yes. I still could not believe until I heard the back ground voice behind her, i guess, (people crying).

I fell to tears... I never expected him to go so soon. I called one of my friend and he was on the way to jeff's house at that time. So he told me what heapend. I was so... If you know how it feels to loose someone so close to you, you'll know what I mean.

Jeff and I studied in different collage. We met when we were playing basketball. He was like a brother to me. At one point, he asked for my help. His house mate's was at their final semester. So he was looking for a new place to rent. So I invited him to rent a place with me. We spend most of our times together like brothers. (Except his Girlfriend. HEHEHEHE) I can't write much...

Jeff, Hope you'll rest in peace. You will always be remembered... Adios Armigo..