Thursday, July 31, 2008

World Rainforest Music Festival 2008

For months of preparations, the time finally came... 3 of us went for the trip...
Melvin Lim, Benny Lim & Seth S Peli.

We left kl on the 11th of July, took the 5.30pm flight to Kuching. When we reached Kuching, i finally felt like its been 10 years since i was back there. Anyway, I'll talk bout the Sarawak Trip later. This is for the rainforest event.

Im not going to write much... It will be in oder acording to time and date starting 12th July to 13th July 2008.

This few pics above was a show where one of the audience was ask to perform with the performer...
The Kayan Group

Having some drinks with some of my friends

Me with my best friend pat

With some poeple I met there

This group is from Poland and they were performing there too

This was the sun set view towards the santubong mountain.

This guy is from Africa I guess, but all people can remember bout him is he like to shake his butt when dancing.

This Japanese guy really love his drum.

"Put your hand in the air and say OHOH"

Group from India

The End Of The Show... See u next year.

As usual mud party....

My old collage mates...
They love to pose.

For those who is intrested in going for this Rain Forest thing, It will be held on the same dates and days next year which is 11th-13th July 2009.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

One Of The Night To Be Remembered

All alone in my room yesterday late afternoon when my phone rang and a friend invited me to go to this place called Borneo Rainforest. She said:" come la.... my fwen's bday party tonight." and i answered back who the hell is ur friend and I dun even know how to get to Borneo Rainforst Club.

Anyway, thanks to a friend of mine Roy who agreed to follow and join me there, found the place. So roy and I started of with a couple of bir.....

While we were there, we were entertained by one of the local band who did some live performance here. It was kind of great. And the songs they sang was marlevous........

To my surprize, the people next to where I sat happen to Sarawakians too.... They don't really look Sarawakians..

Two Hours Later..... As ussual, GIRLS.......(Guys, you know what I mean)
They Finnaly showed up....

Oh ya, the one in black, (not the guy), was the B-Day Gurl... Happy Birthday Gurl... And now you are officially one year older..... All da best....

That's about it. I could not take any more picture coz one of the staff warned me not to take any more pic. He said"You are not allowed to take pic with professional camera in here or else I will confiscate your camera"....... And, nice meeting you guys. Its always great to meet new friends.

Thousand apology to all my friends for not putting up most of the pictures. These are the best that I had. And the quality of the pictures here is not that good. I did it so that the file can be smaller. Let me know if you want the original.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


What in life do u love most?
What do you hate most?
Can you really judge yourself?
Why does some people say "Life is boring?"
Well, have you really ever examine your self?
Have you ever ask yourself "Who Am I"?
Have you ever ask yourself "How Can I Be My True Self"?
How are you spiritually, physically and emotionally?

Think hard.... Why is this things so important in life?