Friday, March 21, 2008

Malaysian Early 80’s Baby part 2

Malaysian Early 80’s Baby part 2
I guess many of you have read the “Malaysian 80’s Baby”. Well I, seth a.k.a boy, thought that the article is not enough so I decided to add more and call it Malaysia Early 80’s Baby Part II.
Remember the time when we went to school everyone was wearing their Bata or Power school shoes? What must we have at that time? The reflector. I can’t recall why it was so important that when we go out with our mom we must have a reflector in at our shoe. If we could not afford that brand, we go for the high cut shoe “Warrior”. And for guy who played soccer, our 1st real football boots was always Gold Cup. Our slipper was either the heavy ‘selepar jepun’ or the light ‘selepar jepun’.
Boys, they usually have their hair comb by their mom because mom usually doesn’t want them to waste hair cream. If we do it our self we usually put over doze of hair cream/gel and when we sweat white sweat will roll down your cheek or neck. Girls usually have pony tails, or they made their hair the “mee magie style”.
Our parents usually dress us up at that time and we don’t really have any choice of fashion. It was either ladybird or Kiko. And most of the time when we want to use the phone to call our classmates about our home work, we always need permission or else kena rotan…..
Our entertainment source was only TV1, TV2 and TV3 for some places only. And just with that 3 channels we always have stories to talk about.
Most of my friends back then were already short sighted because of Micro Genius TV Game. Remember their glasses? It was, Big, Thick, Round and none can afford a contact lens. I bet it does not exist at that time I guess…
I guess back then our attitude was much different then kids now days, we were more outgoing, more adventures, more ‘lasak’ and pain were not really in our dictionary at that time. We used to play by the drain, climb trees, and shoot each other with rubber band. Cycling with our BMX or Grand Father’s bicycle around and go hang out at friend’s house. (lepak kat rumah kawan was the word). And their mom would prepare horliks or milo for us to drink after we finished playing. The girls would always sit near the drain or at a swing and share their stories with each other. Most important was the curfew. I f we don’t get home latest by 7pm we would be rotan or locked out side the gate for at least ½ hour.
Now days kids and teenagers can go out any time they want and come back any time they want to. Their hair style is worse that a Hong Kong Film star, some got spike hair, Beckham wanna be, Bleach hair, dyed hair and more… some girls go botak (bald) which I don’t know the reason why they do it. They got friends and they call it a gang or a society (for us is unhealthy). Most I see now is girls show more of their flesh, not enough cloth to cover everything up.
Some kids below 12 years old I see now can use public transport alone, eat at KFC alone, knows and use cool gadgets like 3Ghandphone, sms, mms, vms, YM, MSN. No more budaya lepak at friends house, all they know is PS3, PSP, X BOX.
To summarize all of this, we, early 80’s born babies was bound by a very strict rules and regulations, and we thanked our parents for that because of that they made us more matured at an early age.


Julio said...

yeah man... its a "no wonder" im so addicted to music from the 80's and 90's. Damn friggin classic!Remember those sega and microgenius games.. even damn tamagochi dat we use to bring to school, hidin it from the prefects.. damn miss those days.. its the same time me and ben grew up too.. haha classic era

benjamin said...

hahaah.. yalar.. damn, i miss those times wei! everything is so different now..

SeTH said...

well, if we can find a time machine, get back there, and start buying all those stuff for antique