Friday, March 21, 2008

Funny lunch In KL

Today, the funniest thing heapend to my cuz n I. We had a meeting with one company at 12 noon. wanted to start a deal on web site that they wanted to create.

Anyway, when we finished the meeting we went to eat lunch, so Ben said: "let go eat at my bos sister's shop" n i answered ok. When we went in da shop, we looked at the menu, and the cheapest meal was RM7.00. I was like.... shit, i dun have enough money. i only got Rm10. and Ben only got RM4. We were in deep trouble. Odered warm water wich cost RM0.50 each.

Anyway, the food was good. I mean it's worth it. I ate butter chicken rise. it was fantastic. But we were not eating in peace. Worried that we did not have enough money to pay for the food. Thanks to the owner of the shop we had free drinks and one ringgit off the food. Thanks a lot. On the way back, as usual i'll take my camera out and take some picture. It's all posted. Just scroll down.


benjamin said...

haaahhahahahahaaa.. fucker.. lol.. damn sad case man.. =p

Julio said...

Haha.. close call man.. such a sweet soul, that boss sis of urs.. You sure seth din do anything a.. haha.

PS: I wanna buy lottery because I can see a fucker calling another fucker a fucker hahaha..

from: fucker