Thursday, March 20, 2008

A big event to remember....

Situation: Trip To Siar Beach Resort, Lundu Sarawak
Date & Time: Some time few month's ago in Year 2007.
Duration: 2 Days + 1 Night

This was the biggest project of my life (at that time), I had to planed lots of stuff, like budget out the money, accommodation, food, bus, the activities for at least 50 over people. It was stressful at first but thanks to my best friends, Leshly, Arsoberi, Patricia, n Givan.

When we left the collage, i was so excited that every thing will turn out very well, but it went the other way. We forgot to bring simple stuff like salt, onions, kicap, and sugar. I was so ..... (^*&^%*&)

Anyway, when we reach, good thing most of the participants cooperate with me to make my job easy. Assign them to their rooms and stuff. Then we started on our activities, simple fun games like treasure hunt , mini explorace and creative making of stuff......

We had fun most of the time till like before the BBQ time, when something we did not expect happen. One of our participants was rob. Her phone & camera got stolen. Anyway, we tried hard to let go of that incident by continuing our BBQ session and later followed by dance party with all students and staff.

Overall, we had lots of fun event of the bad incident, anyway, for all who helped me out, Arigato Kojaimas.... thanks... Hope in the future we can do stuff like this again but with more fun.

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