Tuesday, October 7, 2008

About Life

Tonight as I was doing some stuff at starbucks, I had a lot in my mind and one of it was about life... I started browsing trough the net on life.

I came across this poem. And I felt how short life is and you know you are getting older. This poem is by Rita Henry.


Does your body have arthritis? Is your hair turning gray? Do the wrinkles on your aging face feel like they've come to stay?

When your husband turns the heat up and you are still cold, remember these are just some signs that say, You're getting old.

Your grandchildren are getting older and their birthdays you forget, and you wish that you could subtract twenty years from a body that just wants to sit.

Does your body do one sit-up that stays with you all day? Half in the morning when you get up and the other half when you're in bed to stay.

The clothes you had when younger you can suddenly no longer wear. You try to put them on anyway, but all they do is tear.

You walk to the bathroom to brush your teeth and find that they're not there. Your chest is going up and down and you have to try hard just to get some air.

You try to stick to a diet and your food intake goes down. But, when you get on the scale, it shows you've gained two pounds.

You decide to do some jogging, oh, say twice around the block. You set the alarm to time yourself and you get beat by the clock.

When you mention 'Elvis' to someone and they say to you, Who's he? You tell them a famous singer and they say, Was he on your family tree?

You decide to look for your glasses, so you can read in bed. You look all over the house for them and find they're on top of your head.

When your best friend has a birthday, no matter what time of the year. Do you remember to send them a card, or a late one that says, I missed it. Oh, dear.

Don't feel bad about growing older. We all have to do it someday. Even though old age is starting to catch up to you, don't let insulting birthday greetings get in your way.

The end.

Hope we all can realize what is coming up ahead of us.

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