Friday, December 5, 2008

Being buzy

So sorry guys that I’ve not updated my blog for a while… Was busy lately for the pass 2 months. A lot had happened since I left KL. The last day that I was in KL was 29th of September 2008. I was offered a few jobs in Kuching, but the best part was, I was selected to join the 1st ever Photography Reality Show in Malaysia called “Sony Double Esposure”. Out of few hundreds of people who went for the audition, on 30 was selected. I’m one of them. Thanks to the people who did the judgment.

Anyway, back to the job I had, I was working with a company called Cahaya Teknologi. We were doing wedding and events videos. But did not last long. Less then 15 days. Quit last week. And now doing own business as a photographer and doing a small business with some friends doing graphic design.

I guess for now I can’t write much due to some work that needs to be completed soon. Hope to write more soon.

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