Monday, May 19, 2008

A Tirp To Penang

The Last time I went to Penang and meet my friend Kevin was 3 years ago... and it did not occur to us that he was going to get married... But last week end, he did....
So i canceled all the thing that I have to do that weekend just to be at his wedding.

Anyway, the poor thing is I brought my camera but I keep on forgetting to take picture with it and I really regret it... The only pic I have was only the last moments I had in Penang.

James Ho... The Big Guy

Joseph And Kevin

How la Macha... Use Fork a??

cooked or not the chicken?

For more Pic can see at my friendster and facebook...


sankochan said...

hey!! Thats the people from Fettes Park baptist church!! XD

benjamin said...